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Huvis Completes the Integration of Its Business Sites


- The year-long relocation of Ulsan plant’s facilities to Jeonju plant since April last year completed
- Strengthening its position as the largest chemical fiber material production plant and its global competitiveness

Huvis(CEO Shin, You Dong, 079980), specializing in chemical and fiber materials announced on the 2nd that it had completed the integration of its Ulsan and Jeonju plants — a project that had been underway for the last year—and would see the beginning of the new, sole Jeonju plant era on July 1.

In a bid to achieve economy of scale by maximizing the efficiency of its production facilities and asset management, Huvis decided to integrate its Ulsan plant into its Jeonju plant and has thus been working on relocating the facilities of the Ulsan plant to the Jeonju plant in two stages since April last year. After completing the first stage of construction in October last year, Huvis completed the second and last stage in June this year, subsequently beginning production in earnest. 
A total of some 65 billion KRW has been invested in this project, with around 70,000 workers having been mobilized for a year, which makes it the largest construction project ever carried out for a chemical fiber business site in South Korea.

With the completion of the integration project, Huvis's Jeonju plant has equipped itself with a system capable of annually producing up to 1 million tons of polyester, super fiber, and various other chemical materials and in turn has become the unrivaled, No.1 chemical fiber material manufacturing plant in South Korea. 
Huvis is expected to step up its global competitiveness as a result of the integration of its business sites as the company can now not only increase the utilization of idle sites at the Jeonju plant, but also rationalize its facility operations and upgrade its production technologies.

In addition, with the Ulsan plant's existing employees having been transferred to the Jeonju plant, which now has a total of some 230 workers, Huvis is also expected to revive the frozen, COVID-19-hit employment market and contribute continuously to the revitalization of the local economy through activities like the construction of various facilities.

On his visit to the Jeonju plant, Huvis CEO Shin You Dong thanked the employees of the plant and the relevant officials from partner companies for completing the integration project safely without any accidents, saying, "This integration project will prove to be an opportunity for us to take our competitiveness to the next level through the improvement of our profitability resulting from improved facilities and operational efficiency." He also added ambitiously, "We have now entered an era in which chemical fiber materials can no longer exist without any consideration for safety, health, and the environment. Huvis will establish itself as a global leader based on differentiated chemical fiber materials that are eco-friendly, highly functional and cannot be rivaled."

Launched in 2000 through SK Chemicals and Samyang's joint spin-off of their chemical fiber business divisions, Huvis is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary in November this year. 

▲  Huvis CEO Shin, You Dong (second from right) and employees are looking around the staple fiber production line at Jeonju plant whose integration with the company’s Ulsan plant has just been completed. / Full view of Huvis's Jeonju plant 1


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