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The Infinite potential of Materials
The progress in the materials industry enriches our life.
Basic Symbol

Under the belief that advanced materials technology
makes our life more valuable, Huvis has conducted
R&D on human-oriented materials technologies.

Huvis' symbol is a combination of a symbol of a molecule
representing technology and a Mobius strip containing
unlimited energy and expresses the commitment of
Huvis to becoming a bridge toward a brighter tomorrow.

Huvis will strive to develop materials technology for
a brighter future.

What kind of future do you dream of?

People dream of a better future and Huvis makes
the dream come true with advanced technologies
and boundless energy.

'Dream Circle' symbolizes the unlimited possibility
of materials and the dream of Huvis employees
for a better world.

Dream Circle
Symbol Mark

The vertical and horizontal combinations of the symbol and the logo were designed to improve the utilization of the mark.
Do not modify these symbol marks in any case. Choose from them but ensure it is enlarged or reduced to scale to prevent deformation.

Vertical (Line type)
vertical(line type) symbol
Horizontal (Line type)
horizontal(line type) symbol

Huvis' signature means a combination of the mark and the logotype according to a certain standard.
Do not modify the signature under any circumstances. When you use a signature as a combination with the logotype of an ideal position and size, ensure you enlarge or reduce it to scale to prevent deformation.

시그니처 타입1
시그니처 타입2
시그니처 타입3
Color System

In addition to the mark and the logotype, the color system is an important element of Huvis' identity.
It is applied to a variety of visual media to deliver the image of Huvis.

C 100 · M 71 · Y 9 · K 56
R 0 · G 46 · B 93
Huvis Blue
PANTONE 306C (Solid)
C 75 · M 0 · Y 5 · K 0
R 0 · G 181 · B 226
Huvis Silver
C 0 · M 0 · Y 0 · K 40
R 181 · G 181 · B 182
Huvis Gold
C 30 · M 40 · Y 70 · K 0
R 191 · G 157 · B 90
Huvis Gray
C 65 · M 43 · Y 26 · K 78
R 51 · G 63 · B 72