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Job Introduction


  • Sales

    • Local and overseas sales of products (SF, FY, resin, super fiber, industrial materials, etc)
    • Local and international customer relationship management
  • Marketing

    • Support for management decisions through sales performance management
    • Business planning for individual products in consultation with sales
    • Sales performance, receivables and inventory management
  • Merchandizing /
    Technical Support

    • Development of new applications for existing products, commercialization of new materials
    • Portfolio management for enterprise products
    • Production management and technical support for outsourcers
    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) : Receipt of complaints and claims, response and follow-up


  • Energy

    • Stable supply of competitive utility
    • Management of energy related facilities used in plants
  • Polymer Production

    • Manufacturing and supply of regular resins and special resins for SF and FY
    • Manufacturing and shipment of bottles, industrial, fiber and films
    • Management of site operators
  • SF / FY Production

    • Production of SF and FY of various applications
    • Product and quality innovation / higher productivity and process improvement
    • Management of site operators
  • Conservation / ENG

    • Maintenance of machinery and electrical equipment in plants
    • Construction management, facility expansion and rationalization


  • Research Support

    • Research planning, project management, intellectual property right management,
      information management
  • Research &

    • R&D on SF, FY and new materials

Management Support

  • Strategy &

    • Analysis and forecasting of management and business environment,
      mid-to-long term enterprise planning, action plan
    • Feasibility study for new businesses and potential M&A, issue management for overseas entities
  • Finance

    • P/L management & analysis, operational planning, tax management (income tax reconciliation)
    • Borrowings and their spending, and liquidity management, exchange risk management,
      credit rating upholding
    • Legal support, IT infrastructure management
  • Purchase

    • Purchase planning and strategy, SCM, refund of customs
    • Raw materials, packaging materials, purchase of facilities for factories, construction, logistics
  • HR

    • Recruitment, HR system planning, evaluations and rewards, workforce management,
      salary and benefits, labor-management issues
    • Training planning, corporate culture management, social contributions
  • Public

    • External communication, media relations, internal communication, website management,
      CI / ad / PR materials
  • Environment &

    • Planning and implementation of environmental safety management
    • Water quality, air quality, waste and toxic material control, noise and soil pollution control,
      facility inspection, permits
    • Workplace safety, fire-fighting compliance and training, contractor management