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R&D Center

R&D Center

Ceaseless R&D,
it’s the driving power of Huvis.

At Huvis, we have focused on creating new products
and technologies that customers want
by our accumulated expertise.

R&D 센터

Accompanied by 30 years of Korean polyester fiber history, SK Chemicals and Samyang Corporation had come to amass a great deal of technical expertise in producing synthetic fibers and polymers.

In the meantime, the business area of synthetic fiber industry was expanded from its basic technologies into the field of specialty chemicals and new materials. With this in mind, the two companies incorporated under the name of Huvis on November 1st, 2000.
Next, the research centers which were separately located at Suwon, Jeonju and Daejeon were integrated into the Daejon Huvis R&D Center in November 2004.

Huvis R&D Center is always concentrating its efforts to raise the completion rates of products and reduce the time for developing them using all necessary equipments ranging from polymerization to dyeing process.

In the future, Huvis will do its best to keep customers satisfied through our ceaseless research and development.

Merits of Huvis R&D Center

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