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CEO Message

CEO Message

Welcome to Huvis

Shin, You Dong, CEO of Huvis

ceo shin you dong
Our position as
the world’s No. 1 company
in fiber materials
has been reserved for us
since 50 years ago
Our position as the world’s No. 1 company in fiber materials
has been reserved for us since 50 years ago. In 2000, SK Chemicals and
Samyang Corporation agreed to spin off the chemical fiber business,
which was the matrix of the two companies, for the development of
the fiber industry, and launch a new integrated corporation.
The combined technical know-how of the two companies and
the corporate culture of consideration and trust resulted in the birth of
Huvis in November 2000.
Having started as
a polyester specialist,
Huvis is now
transforming itself into
a materials specialist
Fiber has been with us since the life of humans began, and used
in various areas, such as clothing, everyday life, interior and
sanitary materials, and its uses are growing infinitely to include
various industrial areas like construction, civil engineering and
Huvis boasts of the world-best technology and the largest
production capacity in the polyester industry, which accounts for
more than 50% of the global fiber consumption.
Not satisfied with our current status, we are continuously expanding
our business to the state-of-the-art materials business, such as
super fiber, automotive materials, industrial materials and
convergence materials.
Huvis opens up
the infinite potential
of materials!
The development of materials enhances the value of human life.
Based on our management philosophy, i.e. advances in materials
technologies will make the world a better place for all of us,
Huvis will work harder to develop materials technologies
to enrich our tomorrow.
Huvis is opening up the infinite potential of materials.
㈜휴비스 대표이사 유배근
CEO Profile
CEO Profile
Mar. 2017 President / CEO (Present)
Jan. 2016 Senior vice president / head of the Marketing Support Division
Jan. 2014 Senior vice president / head of the SF1 Busiuness Division
Jan. 2008 Vice president / head of the FY Division
Jul. 2005 Head of the FY Marketing Division
Nov. 2000 Head of the Export Team, Huvis
Sep. 1999 Head of Filament Yarn Sales Team 1,
Fiber Division
Jan. 1987 Joined Samyang Corporation, Filament Yarn Sales Department, Fiber Division