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In 2000, SK Chemicals and Samyang Corporation created Huvis, the biggest fiber company in Korea, by combining their most advanced technology, know-how, and the world’s best production capacity.

As Korea’s biggest producer of chemicals and fiber materials as well as differentiated products, Huvis operates manufacturing plants in Jeonju, China, America and an R&D center in Daejeon. The company manufactures 700,000 tons of fiber materials a year, making people’s lives more enriched and convenient.

Huvis manufactures polyester fibers (Staple Fibers/Filament Yarn) that occupy the biggest market share in Korea, as well as resin, super fibers, and industrial materials. We ensure safety for your family and provide convenience in life by producing fibers that replace harmful adhesives, Olefin Fiber for Sanitary Materials(OLM), aramid fibers for firefighter apparel, materials for industrial filters, and eco-friendly container materials.

We are striving to develop high value materials with a management philosophy that believes that advanced materials and technology are the foundation for enhanced quality of human life.

Green/Performance Specialize. The advancement in materials technolgies will make the world a better place for all of us. Optimizing the business portfolio. Reinforcing : 'global leadership' based on the 'internal stability' of its core business. Stabilizing : new businesses at an early stage and securing 'new growth engines'. Innovating the management infrastructure-insight management/quality management
Company Name Date of Establishment go CEO go
Huvis November 1, 2000 Kim, Suk Hyun
Catalog No. of Employees Business Areas go
734(As of 2023)
  • 01Polyester Fibers
  • 02Super Fibers
  • 03Industrial Materials
  • 04Materials for household items
Facilities go Subsidiary Company
  • Head Office (Seoul), Jeonju Plant, Daejeon R&D Center