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R&D Areas

R&D Areas

  • 소재 개발
    Material Research
    Huvis develops customized materials to meet customer needs.

    Huvis not only develops polyester materials, which are the basis of our growth engine, but we also strive to develop new materials to strengthen our future competence.
    In particular, based on accumulated knowhow of polyester polymerization and our world's best thermal fusion materials technology, we strive to develop materials based on differentiated fusion temperature and highly sensitive and functional materials

  • 단섬유
    Staple Fiber
    Huvis produces the very best staple fibers in the world.

    As a global leader in thermal fusion materials, Huvis is recognized for its advanced technologies for automotive interior functional materials and sanitary materials for sanitary pads and diapers.
    We also conduct R&D on many other materials, including clothing, bedding and furniture materials, artificial leather, water and air purification filters and clothing spun yarns.
    We develop not only universal resins such as polyester, PE, PP and nylon but also green materials such as PLA made from corn and PTT to provide fibers necessary for our living and industries.

  • 장섬유
    Filament Yarn
    Huvis offers the most differentiated products and solutions.

    We have developed new highly sensitive and functional fiber products by combining non-circular cross section, polymer differentiation and bicomponent spinning and texturing technology with polyester technology. We also concentrate our R&D strengths on the development and application of new functional and eco-friendly materials and the development of industrial parts materials.
    We also strive to elevate the completeness of new products by conducting weaving tests on differentiated materials within 10 days and improve commercialization readiness for customers by securing optimal post-processing TI conditions.

  • 슈퍼섬유
    Super Fiber
    Huvis takes the lead in developing cutting-edge Super Fibers.

    Huvis is the first domestic company to possess technology for both meta-aramid and PPS fiber production. Based on this competitive edge, we are spurring our R&D efforts to extend the scope of application of these technologies to protection clothing requiring heat-resisting, fire retardant and safety properties and construction materials, industrial filter materials, automotive and aircraft materials and insulation materials.

  • 산업자재용 소재
    Industrial Materials
    Huvis develops industrial materials, which are the basis for our industry.

    Based on fiber polymer technology, we have conducted R&D on industrial high tenacity yarns, spunbond, non-woven fibers and geogrid materials.

  • 융합소재
    Convergence Materials
    Huvis creates customer convenience through convergence.

    Through convergence between our highly competitive material polymerization technology and fused extrusion technology, we develop and offer products of new performance and high quality that meet customer needs.