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Staple Fiber

Staple Fiber Line-up

LMF, HexaFlower, and other materials are used in various applications, from engine hoods to door trims and headliners.
Eco-friendly products
We offer a wide range of eco-friendly materials including biodegradable fiber, recycled fiber and PTT made from natural materials.

Staple Fibers Introduce

Polyester materials such as PTA and EG are converted to gel polymer through polymerization performed at a high temperature and pressure.
After the spinning and drawing process, polymer becomes staple fibers when cut short into the form of cotton or filament yarns when made into the form of yarn.

Staple fibers are widely used for industrial use as well as for clothing. They are not only used for filling of clothing, bedding and furniture in the form of cotton or for spinning after twisting cotton into yarn but they are also fabricated into non-woven fabrics through compression and used for a wide range of applications, including automobile, construction, furniture, sanitary materials and agriculture, gradually expanding their scope of application.

Based on the its leading stable fiber production capacity, Huvis has secured globally-recognized technical competency through relentless R&D efforts.

  • 원료 : 폴리에스터 원료인 PTA와 EG가 공급되어 각각의 저장공간에 적재된다
  • 중합 : 중축합 반응기를 통해 화학반응을 거쳐 PTA와 EG가 PET Chip이 된다
  • 직접방사 : PTA와 EG가 중합반응을 통해 폴리머 상태가 된 후 칩 공정과정을 거치지 않고 폴리머가 방사과정으로 직접 이동되어 방사가 이루어진다
  • (칩)방사 : 열로 녹인 Chip을 압력ㅇ로 노즐 구멍을 통해 밀어냄으로써 실 형태의 폴리에스터 원면이 만들어진다
  • 연신 : 원면을 롤러를 이용해 당겨줌으로써 길게 늘어나도록 만든다. 벌키감이나 불륨감 등의 물성을 가미하기 위해 크림프(Crimp) 등의 다양한 공정을 진행한다
  • Cutting : 수분과 약품 등이 뭍은 원면이 드라이어를 통해 건조된 후 일정한 길이로 절단하여 솜의 형태로 만든다
  • 포장 : 일정한 분량으로 포장하여 출하한다

Huvis Staple Fibers Processes

  • Raw material
  • Polymers
  • (Direct) Spinning
  • Spinning
  • Drawing
  • Cutting
  • Drawing
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