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Industrial Materials

Industrial Materials Line-up

Non-woven fabric for architecture/automotive
We offer architecture and automotive materials, including those intended for sound & heat proofing and insulation.
High-strength fiber
With higher strength than regular filament fiber, this product is widely used for industrial purposes.
As a filament fiber made of PP, PE or PET, this product is used for hygiene products, daily necessities and agricultural products. 
We offer Trigrid, made of high-strength fiber used for reinforcement in civil engineering.
Widely used for zippers, canvases and filters, with its applications expanding to include resin belts and seat belts.

Industrial Materials Introduce

Industrial materials are used in a variety of areas, ranging from industrial applications to consumer, civil engineering/construction and sanitary applications, based on their superior strength, morphostasis and durability. Boasting of their superior value for price, industrial fibers are used as a substitute for metal, plastic, paper and mineral, and the scope of their applications is expanding with the growing needs for lighter, more functional and more differentiated industrial materials.

Based on long-built polymer spinning technology, Huvis produces highest quality high tenacity yarn, spunbond, geogrid and mono filament products and provides custom services that meet a variety of needs from our customers at home and abroad.

Material-specific Production Process

  • Non-woven fabrics

    1. 01.Material (staple fibers)
    2. 02.Fiber opening /
      material blending
    3. 03.Web forming
    4. 04.Web bonding
    5. 05.Cutting
    6. 06.Packaging
  • High tenacity yarns

    1. 01.Material (PET Resin)
    2. 02.Solid state
    3. 03.Extrusion / spinning
    4. 04.Drawing
    5. 05.Winding
    6. 06.Packaging
  • Spunbond

    1. 01.Material
      (PP / PE / PET Resin)
    2. 02.Melt spinning
    3. 03.Web forming
    4. 04.Calendering
    5. 05.Winding
    6. 06.Packaging
  • Geogrid

    1. 01.Material
      (High Tenacity Yarn)
    2. 02.Extrusion (PP)
    3. 03.Fusion
    4. 04.Packaging
  • Mono filaments

    1. 01.Material (PET Resin)
    2. 02.Extrusion / spinning
    3. 03.Drawing
    4. 04.Winding
    5. 05.Packaging
  • Non-woven fabrics

    1. Processing (molding, etc.)
    2. Industrial / consumer /
      interior applications
  • High tenacity yarns

    1. Yarn
    2. Weaving
    3. Coating
    4. Tarpaulin
      (for billboards,
      truck cover, etc.)
  • Spunbond

    1. Non-woven fabrics
    2. Processing
      (molding / lamination, etc.)
    3. Finished goods 01
    4. Packaging
  • Geogrid

    1. Design
    2. Construction
      (civil engineering
    3. Finished goods
      (reinforced retaining wall)
  • Monofilaments

    1. Yarn
    2. Coiling / Weaving
    3. Processing
    4. Zipper / Filter, Canvas