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Non-woven fabric for architecture/automotive


    An eco-friendly sound-absorbing material

    GREENNOVA features a fiberplate structure made of 100% PSF, boasting of its superior NVH performance.
    GREENNOVA is a sound-absorbing material used for automobiles, especially passenger cars.

    Brand Introduction

    The brand of an eco-friendly sound-absorbing material is 'GREENYNOVA'.

    Product Features

    • Excellent

    • Human

    • Light weight

      Easy to handle

    • Competitive

    • Flame


    Excellent NVH performance

    1) Noise: Internal/external noises that make the driver feel unpleasant while driving.2) Vibration: Vibration of the chassis due to engine operation, etc.3) Harshness: Noises and vibrations that occur when the vehicle runs over a speed bump or the joint of an overpass.


    • Automotive interior materials,
      Sound absorbing mateiral

    Usage in Automobiles

    Specific applications

    1. Sound absorbing materials for automotive floor carpets
    2. Materials for automotive dash inner
    3. Sound absorbing materials for automotive door trims, tail gates, etc.
    4. Sound absorbing materials for automotive interior materials requiring high elasticity
    Type 내용
    Headlining Interior material for ceilings. Fixed on the ceiling through clips, side roof rails or adhesives.
    Made of various materials such as vinyl and cotton.
    Thermal insulation against external temperature changes and reduction of noise and vibration from the ceiling.
    Absorption of noises inside the vehicle.
    Interior decorative effects and protection of the head of the driver and occupants in case of a collision.
    Door Trim A material used to protect door panels. Depending on its structure, door trims are divided into a wide door trim adhered on the door panel and a molded door trim, which is integrated with the door trim and arm rest.
    It is used for decoration and provides noise blocking/absorption and protection of passengers in case of a collision.
    Trunk Mat Blocks noise from the bottom of the trunk.
    Iso Pad Blocks noise from between the engine room and the driver's seat.
    Luggage board Located in the bottom of the trunk. Absorbs/blocks noise that comes into the interior space.
    Trunk side Prevents noise from the trunk from coming into the interior space.
    Floor Carpet Applied to the entire floor panel to block noise from the road surface, tires and exhaust system.
    Engine Cover Reduces engine noise.
    Hood Insulator Absorbs noise from inside the engine room. Reduces noise that is externally emitted by the vehicle.
    Luggage Box A box used to store tools or other articles.
    Under Cover Reduces wind noise in the bottom of the vehicle and facilitates the circulation of air.
    Rear Package Tray Blocks noise that comes through the trunk. Used to store light articles inside the vehicle.


    Type Spec
    ESS 75/36, 150/72, 300/72, 300/144, 450/108, 600/144


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