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Huvis is exhibiting its work at Techtextil 2022 in Germany... Spurring its move toward the global materials market


- 5th time this year at Techtextil, the world’s largest industrial materials fair, since it made its debut at the show in 2013.
- Conducting global marketing for its super fiber, industrial materials, and  highly functional, eco-friendly fiber products.

Huvis, a chemical fiber company (President Shin Yoo-dong, 079980), announced on June 21 that it is exhibiting its products at Techtextil 2022, an industrial materials fair to be held in Frankfurt, Germany from June 21 to 24, in an effort to drive its move toward the global materials market. 

Launched in 1986 as a biennial fair, Techtextil is the world’s largest industrial materials show attracting over 1,500 exhibitors from over 60 countries with more than 40,000 visitors. Postponed to 2022 last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show will present many global materials companies, including BASF of Germany, Lenzing of Austria, and Toray of Japan.

This is Huvis’ fifth time joining the show after it first exhibited its products in 2013. This year, the company will showcase 10 products, including super fiber, industrial materials, and highly functional, eco-friendly fiber products. 

As for super fiber, Huvis will exhibit ZetaOne, Korea’s first fiber made from polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), a super-engineered plastic material. In 2018, this product topped the global market share (30%), beating Toray of Japan, and last year, its sales soared with 3,700 tons, up 50% from 2020. Huvis will also exhibit MetaOne, a meta-aramid product used for fireproof clothing thanks to its excellent flame retarding property. 

As for industrial materials, Romela, which was selected as the World Class Product of Korea last year, is drawing attention. Romela is a new material made through the spinning of low melting polymer in the sheath and core form. Characterized by easy fusion between yarns through heat treatment, Romela is used for applications requiring morphostasis, including interior design materials, such as curtains and blinds, filters like water treatment and air filters, and also eco-friendly adhesive materials. 

The company will also exhibit its differentiated industrial material products, including Triron, a high-strength PET yarn used for billboards or coated fabrics, conveyor belts and ropes; Tribon-Wrap Plus, a house wrap product used to protect exterior building walls with excellent waterproof and wind breaking performance; Trigrid used as civil engineering stiffeners; and MiniMax, a short-cut fiber product that is used to strengthen pulp adhesiveness with excellent dispersibility and morphostasis. 

The company will also introduce to global customers various highly functional, eco-friendly fiber products, including Purever, a winner of the World Class Product of Korea, which is used for personal care products, such as diapers and sanitary pads, thanks to its texture that is smoother than that of general polyesters; ecoen, a biodegradable polyester fiber that can be decomposed within three years after being buried; and Duraron-Cool, a popular cool touch fiber for summer beddings thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity and cool touch property. 

“We are pleased to be able to introduce our excellent quality technologies in the European market where customers have a keen interest in industrial materials and highly functional, eco-friendly products due to strict environmental regulations,” said Huvis president Shin Yoo-dong. “This fair will be a great opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship with our existing customers and discover new customers in the COVID-19 endemic era.”  (The end)

[Photo] The Huvis booth at Techtextil 2022


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