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Huvis and KTDI sign an MOU for vitalizing the carbon neutral eco-friendly material industry


- Expected to expand applications of recycled fibers and create high added value for products, such as with materials for EV batteries.
- Reinforcing communication with the industry by, for example, participating in seminars for more cooperation between streams.

Huvis (President Shin Yoo-dong, 079980) and the Korea Textile Development Institute (KTDI, President Ho Yo-seung) signed an MOU to vitalize the carbon neutral eco-friendly material industry on the 16th, as announced by the company on the 17th. 

Key personnel from the two entities were present at the signing ceremony held at the KTDI office, including Park Seong-woon, head of the Huvis R&D Center, and Ho Yo-seung, president of KTDI. KTDI is a research institute that was established to advance the Korean textile industry and contribute to improving the industry's global competitiveness. Activities of KTDI include new material development, support for prototyping, support for national certified testing and analysis, provision of textile information, textile expert training, and joint R&D projects with businesses. 

Under this MOU, they are expected to cooperate for the development if carbon neutral eco-friendly materials, jointly conducting R&D projects and commercialization proposals, contributing to vitalizing domestic and overseas eco-friendly material industries, and practicing 2050 carbon neutrality.

In particular, they will conduct a joint R&D project for recycled chips that can be used for Ecoever, a fiber product recycled from waste plastic, in order to discover new applications of recycled fiber. This is expected to contribute to carbon neutrality as using recycled plastic reduces carbon emissions by about 40% compared to using normal plastic.

They will also spur the development of high value added materials by jointly developing materials for automotive motors and EV batteries using meta-aramid, a highly thermostable super fiber with excellent electric insulation performance.

After the ceremony, Huvis attended the ‘Yarn-Fiber Meeting’ seminar organized by KTDI as part of its Huvis R&D Solution Fair program, which was designed for the company to visit its main customers and introduce its R&D strategy and new products. The company introduced the outcome of its R&D on SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment) materials, including new eco-friendly and industrial fibers, and discussed cooperation plans to reinforce cooperation between streams with other fiber industry people. 

“This MOU with KTDI will help us satisfy the various customer needs in the domestic and overseas eco-friendly fiber markets, practice carbon neutrality, and strengthen our competitiveness for high value added eco-friendly products,” said Park Seong-yoon, head of the Huvis R&D Center. (The end)

[Photo] At the MOU signing ceremony held at the KTDI office in Daegu, Park Seong-yoon, head of the Huvis R&D Center (right), and Ho Yo-seung, president of KTDI.


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