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HUVIS Holds its R&D Solution Fair 2023...”Win-Win Relationships with our Clients Lead to our Technological Prowess.


- The fair will last until June 9 with events at HUVIS or clients’ sites.
- The fair introduces S.H.E and eco-friendly products based on the recently released Huvis Green White Paper.

Huvis (CEO Shin, You Dong), specializing in chemical and fiber materials, announced on the 18th that it will hold the “R&D Solution Fair 2023” at which it will unveil the company's new technologies and products and give insights into customer needs and market trends.

Under the philosophy of “The Future of Materials Still Lies in the Market,” the R&D Solution Fair has been held annually since 2020as a way for the company to meet major clients and explain its R&D progress and new products that are in the pipeline, as well as to discuss how to improve the quality of materials and address clients’ technological challenges. With this year marking the fourth time for the annual event, the fair will be held through June 9 under the theme of "Smart & Sustainability for Everyone Forever through the Fusion of Materials,” offering visits to the clients’ sites or invitations to the Huvis R&D Center.

Based on the recently released "Green White Paper," Huvis will introduce the S.H.E (Safety, Health, and Environment) product line and provide information on carbon reduction strategies and product-specific greenhouse gas emissions assessments in particular, which companies are interested in nowadays. Huvis also plans to share various R&D achievements, including differentiated products, such as the meta-aramid electric insulation paper, which delays the thermal runaway in electric vehicles’ batteries; the cool-feeling PE fiber Duraron-Cool, which is in high demand for bedding in summer; and CR-LMF products, which use chemical regeneration. The company also plans to showcase the “material unification technology” that facilitates recycling in accordance with the global trend in the automotive market. Furthermore, the company plans to strengthen its R&D capability by listening to and adopting opinions from the job sites.

Through the last three R&D Solution Fairs, Huvis commercialized the biodegradable PET fiber "ecoen,” which breaks down three years after being buried, for the first time in Korea. It has also built its own facility that is capable of producing high-purity recycled chips, and produces the recycled fiber "Ecoever" from raw materials to yarn. The company's R&D achievements that were realized through the Fairs also include the development of lightweight, heat-resistant, light-resistant materials for vehicles.

Park, Seong Yoon, director of the R&D center, said, “It has been effective for us to build our own technological prowess, which we have used to strengthen our communication with clients through the annual R&D Fairs.” He further said, “Huvis will continue striving to progress together with clients, and in doing so will grow into a company with industry-leading R&D capability.” (The end)

[Photo] The Huvis R&D Center


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