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Sustainable Management

Green Management

Green Management

A Good Company Taking Care
of the Environment

Taking care of the environment for
sustainable management is
not an option but a necessity.

Huvis has continuously conducted environmental
protection activities since the time when it was operated
under SK Chemical and Samyang.

The environmental protection activities of Huvis are largely divided
into three areas :

  1. developing eco-friendly products that do no or only minimal harm
    to the environment,
  2. saving energy and minimizing carbon dioxide in the process,
  3. and taking care of and preserving the natural ecosystem
    through voluntary participation of employees.
친환경 제품 개발, 에너지 절약 및 이산화탄소 발생략 최소화, 자연생태계 보전 활동
환경을 생각하는 착한기업
green management introduction
Program Description
Protect environment through products
  • Source raw materials from nature
  • Recycle products
  • Save energy in manufacturing
Green in the process
  • Recover waste heat and reuse as fuel or energy
  • Utilize methane as a boiler fuel
Attention to environmental protection
  • Activities to preserve natural environments such as mountains, rivers and parks