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Sustainable Management

Ethical Management

Ethical Management

Ethical Management

Ethics are essential!
Practice is our duty!

This is our commitment to taking the initiative in
conducting transparent management and fulfilling our
social responsibilities through fair business implementation.

Fair business

Mutual trust and cooperation

Social responsibility Environmental protection

Code of Ethics

  • 01

    Huvis strives for customer satisfaction and gains customers’ trust by creating and providing continuous value that benefits its customers.

  • 02

    Huvis maximizes its enterprise value with transparent and efficient management and gains stockholders’ trust by following procedures required for management decision-making.

  • 03

    Executives and employees, acting as people of Huvis, establish proper values and accomplish given missions through fair performance of their duties.

  • 04

    Huvis respects all employees as fellow human beings, treats them fairly according to their capabilities and achievements, and fully exhibits their creativity.

  • 05

    Huvis competes with its competitor in all legitimacy and good faith by following the principles of free competition and seeks long-term joint developments with cooperative organizations by establishing mutual faith through transparent and fair business dealings.

  • 06

    Huvis is a leader in contributing to local development and environmental protection by growing as a reliable company through the observation of the related laws and regulations and reasonable business development.

Chapter1. General provisions

Article 1) Purpose

This regulation is made for the purpose of establishing detailed behavioral standards for the practice of Huvis’ ethics code.

Article 2) Association with Other Regulations

This regulation takes priority other regulations and all other regulations can not include content that goes against this regulation.

Chapter2. Responsibilities and obligations customers

Article 3) Respect for Customers

1. Always listen to customers’ opinions and regard customers as the top priority in every decision and action.

2. Strive for customer satisfaction by dealing with customers’ complaints promptly and accurately.

Article 4) Creation of Value

1. Strive to seek the value that customers need with the understanding that customer development is Huvis’ development.

2. Consistently create value that actually benefits and satisfies customers.

Article 5) Providing Value

Provide the best quality and service with reasonable prices to customers and reply to customers’ rightful demands promptly and accurately.

Chapter3. Responsibilities and obligations stock holders

Article 6) Increasing Enterprise Value

Maximize enterprise value with transparent and efficient management through continuous innovation and sharing the results with stock holders.

Article 7) Gaining Stockholders’ Trust

1. Gain stockholders’ trust by establishing a responsible management system and following the procedures required for management decision making.

2. Record and manage the company’s financial situation according to international accounting standards. Also, practice transparent and reliable accounting and make those records public on a periodic basis.

Article 8) Protection of Stockholders’ Rights

Draft management references according to the related regulations and standards and make public announcements of relevant information according to the regulations to protect stockholders’ interests.

Chapter4. Fundamental ethics of employees

Article 9) Fundamental Ethics

1. Employees have pride and self-respect as a part of Huvis and adhere to an honest and fair code of conduct at all times.

2. Employees have mutual respect for co-workers, and continuously strives to uphold the company’s honor by following basic etiquette necessary for professionalism and maintaining their dignity as a part of Huvis.

Article 10) Fair Performance of Duties

1. Employees perform their duties in legitimate ways while trying their best, abiding by the company’s vision and management policies and obeying the all relevant regulations.

2. Employees protect secrets and maintain confidentiality for facilities, other properties, intellectual property rights and company business and does not, in any case, use any company property for private purposes.

3. Employees must not exert and gain unjustified influence, such as requests of special consideration for a job position and demand all sorts of accommodations from cooperative firms by using their professional position.

4. Employees do not engage in misconduct with relation to embezzlement, negligence of duties and bribery. Employees put the company’s interests above personal interest in the case of contradicting interests between the company and personal issues.

5. Employees’ use of the company's expenses should be done only in the purpose of performing company work and should not have monetary debit or credit relationships with customers or co-workers.

6. Employees must not post and distribute printed materials irrelevant to the company’s work or engage in collective movements, such as assemblies, protests and official political activities for a specific person, party or a political organization.

7. Employees are strictly prohibited from having two jobs to rule out the possibility that there may be collision between the companies’ interests.

8. Employees do not commit immoral or illegal activities related to their daily lives and the company’s work that can be condemnable by society.

Article 11) Guidelines during Business Hours

1. Employees must observe the starting time and 6 p.m. the ending time.

2. Employees must observe dress codes at work.

3. Employees must not use inappropriate language or behavior that us unfitting to Employees’ dignity.

4. Employees must observe the regulations related going to work, being absent, being late, getting off work early and leaving the work place during work hours, etc.

Article 12) Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work

Employees must realize that sexual harassment is a misconduct that leads to results, such as the loss of will to work and poor labor productivity, as well as infringes on individual human rights and destroys the workplace environment and must not engage in any these activities.

Article 13) Information Management

1. Employees must not engage in activities at work, such as promoting private interests by abusing acquired undisclosed information and providing it to third party.

2. Employees must not leak or provide information and trade secrets of company to internal or external parties without prior approval.

3. In the case that employees are seeking information about competitors or other companies, they must acquire it in an appropriate and ethical way as well as abiding by related laws and should not use the obtained information for unjust or illegal activities.

4. As for the company's confidential information, its security should be maintained according to information security policy and foreign disclosure of the company's information should receive prior approval according to established procedures.

Chapter5. Responsibilities to employees

Article 14) Respect as Humans

1. Huvis treats each Employee as a human being with trust and true affection.

2. In order for Employees to properly carry out their duties, the company takes all necessary measures, including the establishment of institutions, education and cultivation.

Article 15) Fair Treatment

1. The company offers equal opportunities to Employees based on their capabilities and talents.

2. The company evaluates Employees according to fair standards and appropriately compensates Employees for their capabilities and achievements.

Article 16) Stability and Happiness

1. The company maintains a system for the stability and health of Employees and abides by all related international standards, relevant legislation and internal regulations.

2. The company make full efforts so that employees can pursue happiness together with co-workers by having mutual trust and pride and realizing their love for challenges and creativity.

Chapter6. Relations with business partners

Article 17) Fair Competition with Competitors

1. The company competes with competitors while abiding by the principles of free competition and in good faith. The company does not encroach on the interests of competitors or exploit their weaknesses.

2. The company does not acquire or use competitor's trade secrets through illegal or unethical methods.

Article 18) Relationship with Cooperative Firms

1. All business transactions are conducted fairly in mutually comparable positions and the company does not act in any misconduct by using a superior position.

2. The information necessary for transactions are mutually provided in a timely manner through appropriate procedures and trading results are regularly evaluated and mutually complemented according to fair standards.

Chapter7. Responsibilities to society

Article 19) Contribution and Service to National and Social Development

1. Because Huvis respects society’s ethical values , the company conducts business according to public sentiment and does no harm or create distress to the national economy.

2. Huvis does not discriminate against employees’ educational background, gender, and region and grants everyone fair employment opportunities.

3. Huvis earnestly performs tax liabilities and other obligations imposed by the nation, local associations, and local communities.

Article 20) Protection of the Environment

1. Comply with all laws and regulations related to protection of the environment and conduct business activities in correspondence.

2. Procure and employ necessary pollution preventive facilities and experts for the prevention of environmental pollution. Supplementary Provisions